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What to Do

  • Select a design or from the catalog or from our website.
  • Choose the shirt color.
  • Fill out the order form on the back of this page or go to our website (www.campusidwear.com) to order online. You can fax or mail this form, or simply submit your order online. You will receive a color proof of your selection(s), either by mail or via email (Adobe(R) Acrobat PDF or JPEG format) within two business days.
  • Simply sign the proof and fax it back to us. (1.877.767.0894 - Toll free)

*PLEASE NOTE: NO shirt order will be processed or printed without a signed proof. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Allow a minimum of 10 business days for printing and shipping of your order after we have received your signed proof. (An additional five business days is requested if your order is a custom design or submitted artwork.)